By Brad Kristiansen, DC

It was not uncommon for women to come to me after going through all the medical routes of trying to get pregnant with no luck. I would work with them using Nutrition Response Testing.

I remember one gal who was trying to get pregnant for 17 years without success. By the time she came into my practice, she had limited years left of being able to have children. That’s a finite window of time.

She had a special condition which in Nutrition Response Testing we call “blocked regulation.” This means her nervous system wouldn’t accept any form of help to benefit the body. It would just block it.

When I did my analysis, we found that the “blocked regulation” was due to some food sensitivities. That means that when a person eats a food they’re sensitive to, it sets up an inflammatory response. Depending on where the inflammatory response hits, it overrides that particular area of the body so it can’t function properly.

When a patient has a food sensitivity, I recommend they stop consuming so much of it and recommend nutritional assistance in the form of proper enzymes and digestive aids. This helps the body process those foods without going through all these adverse inflammatory reactions.

I recommended this woman stop eating the foods that she had a sensitivity to. I also recommended some nutritional supplements to help her body better deal with these sensitivities. Some hormone issues also showed up in my analysis, so I recommended some organic food supplements to assist her hormone system to rebalance itself.

Three weeks after being on a Nutrition Response Testing program, she came in and said, “Doc I’m pregnant.” That was after she hadn’t been able to get pregnant for 17 years! Next thing you know, she delivered healthy twins.

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