By Robert Monokian, DC, DACBSP, FICC

While attending Logan Chiropractic college, which was a great learn­ing experience, I also followed Dr. Bert Hanicke, past president of the International College of Applied Kinesiology, for two years and took his 100-hour Applied Kinesiology (AK) course, twice. As a result, I be­gan to follow Dr. George Goodheart, the founder of applied kinesiology’s muscle testing and reflex work. I also delved into Wally Schmidt’s presenta­tions and other applied kinesiology instructors, who were all well versed in nutrition.

I never forgot that nutrition was a key component to help hold the adjustments and improve outcomes. Throughout the course of my 36 years of practice, I found weaknesses that did not hold through exercise, and I had no system for nutrition. I felt it was a poor reflection of the type of care I wanted to give. As a result, nutrition would flux in and out of my practice.

One day, I received a DVD of Dr. Freddie Ulan introducing Nutrition Response Testing, and was intrigued. I ordered an­other DVD and then another and another. I went to the Ulan Nutrition Response Testing workshop. After that initial visit, I was so impressed with the breakthroughs Dr. Ulan had made and the organization of the data, that I signed on to their entire Advanced Chiropractic Nutrition training program, popularly referred to as The ACTs-Advanced Clinical Training.

Attending this unique training was one of the best career deci­sions I ever made. First and foremost, my health improved, and so I started applying this to my practice, and hence my practice also improved. Now, I had a time-tested and cost-effective system of determining an individual’s nutritional needs. As a result, my patient outcomes improved subjectively and objectively.

I have been most impressed with three people in my life: Dr.’s Bert Hanicke and George Goodhart, who were absolutely bril­liant, and most currently, Dr. Freddie Ulan. He’s tapped into something that is just unimaginable: procedures that determine which systems are under stress, the type of stress they may be under, supplying the needed supplements to nourish these systems, and remarkably, a means of determining priorities and dosage in a unique and effective manner. I have always felt Standard Process supplements made the most sense as whole food concentrates with their synergistic elements and I have been using Ulan’s system with mainly these supplements getting amazing results.

Having a system that effectively reveals various forms of stressors and nutritional needs of the body has enhanced my care and given me a much greater appreciation of the human body.

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