By Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN

(Excerpted from An Introduction to Effective Nutritional Practice Management)

Our purpose, and our joyful obligation as nutritional practitioners is to enable each patient, through education and guidance, to experience life in its fullest. That’s the way I see our purpose.

I’m not known for being few of words. This was about as short as I could get it. But this is our purpose, and this is what I consider to be our joyful obligation. It’s not a horrible obligation, it’s a joyful obligation! As nutritional practitioners (regardless of whether you are a chiropractic practitioner or any other kind of practitioner) our purpose and joyful obligation is to enable each patient, through education and guidance, to experience life in its fullness.

I always admire people who are able to say important things in a few words, and I found this shorter version from a guy I admire tremendously, Weston Price, who described it this way: He said, “Life, in all its fullness, is Mother Nature obeyed.” If you understand the laws, you apply them, you live stress-free. You see, there are laws, and the penalty for not applying those laws is stress. And to the degree that you understand and apply the laws, the natural laws that guide us all, you will be able to experience life in all of its fullness.

So, life in all its fullness is Mother Nature obeyed. And I thank Weston Price for that quote because I think he said it beautifully.

I hope that I’ve given you some concepts to think with that will enable you to take a look at what you’re doing in your practice, to see possibly where you’re falling short, where you can improve. Every one of us here is doing something right. Some of us are doing a lot more right than others, but the main thing is that I look at a practice in the same way I look at a patient. I don’t just concentrate on the disease in the patient; I want to see how much health they have, and then I want to build on that health.

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