By Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN

In my decades of doing this work I have heard this from uncountable numbers of patients, that they have a “perfect diet.” Generally, this has turned out to be a false assertion when looked at closely, when comparing it to what we have learned from Drs. Westin Price, Royal Lee, Francis Pottenger, etc.

But occasionally it IS perfect — even against these very high standards. In that case I have always found that “something” in that diet is simply a problem for that patient.

My procedure has been to get the patient to collect up in separate little baggies, a tiny amount of each individual food eaten (as they are eating it) for a week. Have them store these sample baggies in a larger plastic bag and keep refrigerated until the day of their next visit. Then check each of these on the patient, starting with a strong indicator muscle, or a weak response for a chronically non-responding organ. The culprit food will give you a change in muscle response.

Not that long ago a chronically overweight patient with a lung problem was suddenly able to healthfully lose 40 pounds in a matter of months and see her lung function improve when organic romaine lettuce was found this way and eliminated from the diet.

For another patient with chronic back pain who also was over-weight — organic spinach was the culprit. Eliminating this from his diet and voila: back pain gone and excess water weight dropped off in a flash!

Those were the only changes we made and the cases resolved! Just two examples from so many over the years.

So, what is a perfect diet? It can be a very individual matter that only you have the tools to discover!!!

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