If you’re already a health care practitioner, Nichole Kuechle’s story is a great example of how to go from a one-man band to building a successful practice.

Nichole is a certified birth doula and her focus has long been helping moms and babies – from conception through pregnancy, birth, and post-partum. A birth doula is not a midwife. Her job is to provide the non-medical help and support for a mom through pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period.

She had developed a business where she was the go-to person for moms with questions. Even though she had several ways to help patients, she was getting more and more questions about nutrition.

She had training in several modalities but was looking for something that could tie it all together and give her the practice she truly wanted – one she was passionate about, got results that rippled out into the community and helped others with their health, and at the same time gave her a more stable income for her family.

While working in a chiropractor’s office, she met someone doing Nutrition Response Testing and was intrigued by it. She saw the results and decided to take the one-day workshop. At the workshop Nichole met a Nutrition Response Testing practitioner and became his patient. Within a short period, she started her own practice and continued her training at UNS.

She is now an Advanced Clinical Training master level graduate in Nutrition Response Testing. Apart from the clinical training, Nichole realized she needed patient and practice management training.

“I had patients, but I had no structure,” says Nichole. “The methodology I had seen at the one-day workshop made me realize that not only would I get the clinical training, but also the administrative systems to run a successful practice.”

Starting her Nutrition Response Testing Practice

Nichole had built up a good email list and produced a regular e-newsletter. She had doula patients and other holistic practitioners on the list. She started writing about Nutrition Response Testing in the newsletter and talking about it in her birth classes.

Her doula services include the Bradley Childbirth Education method that emphasizes that birth is a natural process: mothers are encouraged to trust their body and focus on diet and exercise throughout pregnancy.

“We were already talking about having nutrition,” explains Nichole. “By being so closely connected with these families we had a lot of conversations about food and health.”

Nichole credits the training she received from UNS in clinical and patient and practice management for the rapid growth of her practice. She’s gone from operating in one room in her house to a professional practice with 9 staff in just six years.

“It’s amazing how often the very thing I’m having difficulty with is the very thing I learn on the next training,” says Nichole. “The patient management training gave me the skills to listen to my patients and be able to guide them to a conversation about Nutrition Response Testing.”

The transition did not mean she no longer offers doula services. Her practice is still focused on pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. Supporting mom and babies is her passion, but now she has a team of doulas and other practitioners within her practice, so that she can continue to be the one-stop resource for moms and babies.

“When you are in the right place doing what you love, everything in the universe seems to align perfectly.”

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