By Myranda Golla, DC

This is my personal success story and the reason why I am so passionate about Nutrition Response Testing®! I know it’s long but it’s worth the read!

When I was 12 years old, I went head-first through the windshield of a car at 55 miles an hour. I was left with headaches that turned into migraines and the frequency of migraines increased so much over time that I was bed-ridden 6 days a week. I had back pain, scoliosis and was just miserable. Doctors only offered drugs or surgery with no relief. Luckily, I found chiropractic and the migraines dropped to about 4-5 days a month! That’s why I decided to become a chiropractor and help people the way I’d been helped!

When I got into practice I still had back pain every single day. I was told it was from my scoliosis so there wasn’t anything I could do about it. I was getting adjustments and massages but nothing worked. I actually started looking into other jobs to cut my hours because it hurt too bad adjusting people all week. I also still had migraines and my doctor began discussing going on disability with me! I couldn’t imagine how I’d make it 5, 10, and forget about 20 years in practice! If I was already hurting this bad, I didn’t want to imagine life ahead!

My fourth year in practice, my office manager handed me a postcard about a Nutrition Response Testing seminar by Standard Process. She knew I loved Standard Process and they offered Continuing Education hours so I decided to go! The instructor, Shannon Roznay, DC, examined me using Nutrition Response Testing and found my uterus to be an organ of trouble. She gave me a program to start which helped me feel better. Honestly, my stubborn side didn’t want to believe it so after I finished those bottles of supplements, I quit.

Just as fate pushes us toward our purpose somehow, I had already signed up for Dr. Brad’s Nutrition Response Testing class in January. I sat there in pain, and when he asked if anyone was hurting I had to try. He found my pancreas and uterus still, and gave me yet another program. This time was different…it clicked for me. In just two days the pain I’ve had for 20 years was gone. That was my birthday weekend and that’s the most incredible gift anyone could’ve ever given me.

What’s even more of a deeper value, is my confidence that this saved my life. Within 90 days of each other (last Fall), I watched my grandmother and mother die from diabetic complications. I prayed that God wouldn’t let me die that way. I didn’t want my family watching another woman go in that fashion. My “scoliosis pain” was right on my pancreas and it is amazing to know that not only is my pain gone, but perhaps I’m saved from the fate I was headed towards! I used to not imagine my future because I knew it’d be miserable, but now, I’m full of life and I look forward to the future!

Thank you to Dr. Ulan for this protocol that has given me more purpose and ability to heal myself and others than I ever dreamed possible! Thanks to you Dr. Brad, for literally saving my life in more ways than one. I’m forever indebted to you and will share and spread this gift until my last breath.

Myranda Golla, D.C.

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