By Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN


There is a connection between diet and health. Originally for me it was a big mystery why my body just started falling apart back in the 80s. Well, I was living on airplanes, I was traveling every weekend, I was doing events. I was actually promoting an organization called Citizens Commissions on Human Rights, which educates parents primarily on the effects of psychiatric drugs on children. (The parents wanted to know what their kids should eat, what should they do with their kids who were hyperactive, etc.) I was traveling all over the place, so I was eating on planes, eating in restaurants, I was not getting enough sleep. And my body just started falling apart.

I’ll tell you the key to my own health restoration, to the degree that I’ve restored it. It’s not perfect, but it’s alive; it was not very alive back in 1991! They key was I knocked off all of that fast food and any of the refined foods, and just started eating the best quality food I could find.

My advice to someone looking to improve their health would be in two steps. First is to take a look at what they are doing. I would suggest they actually start making notes of what they are eating and do that for a week. Every time they eat, write it down, or you can put it in an app on your phone.

Second, look at it and just take out the most common thing that we find in people who are in pain, people who are tired, who are just sick. You know, they get colds frequently, their immune system is down, their energy is down, their blood pressure is up, they’re a little overweight or a lot overweight, their cholesterol is high, they might have high blood sugar, etc. All of these people have one thing in common. If you were looking for the one thing that would improve everybody’s health, it’d be reducing the quantity of refined carbohydrates. And what I mean by that is sugars and refined flour. That would be the starting point.

I was raised on bread. We lived in New York City, and there were bakeries all around the place. My father would always come home from work with these really incredible rye breads, rolls and bagels, it was just a wonderful thing to see. But, my father was sick all the time! He had allergies all the time, he had headaches all the time. I didn’t know anything about this when I was growing up. He was living on Pepsi-Cola, Hershey bars, white bread, sugar and fried foods.

So, for me the starting point for health restoration is to take a look at the one thing that every single beneficial diet has in common. Regardless of how different they are, they all have one thing in common, and that is the elimination of refined carbohydrates. Many of them also eliminate refined, processed milk and dairy.

It’s the sugars, the refined flour, and the processed, pasteurized, homogenized dairy. If you just start looking at that stuff and knocking it out of your diet, that would be the one thing that would make the most substantial, fastest change. I don’t care if its arthritis or whether you’re sick with some immune dysfunctional condition. These things, the sugar and the flour, convert very rapidly to sugars in the blood which create inflammation and dysfunction.

That would be the one thing, if I had to recommend one thing broadly, is to knock out the sugar and the white flour, and greatly reduce the dairy. Unless you get a cow. If you get your own cow, you might be okay.

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