By Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN


I want to bring your attention to something about our patient management system. The procedures in the Patient Management Workshop are not theoretical. They are the culmination of years of practical research and application in the real world. They may not be perfect, and in fact, they’re not perfect. We change them periodically; we refine something here or there.

But whenever anybody recommends a change or we see a need for a change, the first thing we look at is how will that change the most basic thing about this that’s been working so well. And therefore, we reject 99% of the changes, because we’d end up undermining the reason for that thing in the first place.

The patient management procedures aren’t perfect. But they’re workable. And they’re proven. And that’s basically what we’re interested in: workable technology that has a track record. Over the years there have been a lot of bright ideas. Some of them are incredibly enthusiastic! And some of them even work for a short time! Then when we go back to our statistic analysis and see the stats have been dwindling for a while. When we do this we look for what change occurred before things went down. Inevitably we trace it back to something that was dropped out or something basic that was altered. So, we put back the basic procedures.

That’s how important this system is and it’s why we teach it. These are the essential keys that have enabled us to build, maintain and expand highly satisfying and successful practices. That is in terms of both clinical results and finances. This system is easy to run and maintain, i.e., low stress. I think that is very important.

I’ve never met a guy who burned out doing what we do. But we do run into guys who burn out all the time in the chiropractic profession. Especially the ones that hit it real big for a while, and then all of a sudden they’re gone. I met one down in Southern California some years ago. He was seeing about five hundred patients a week, which was absolutely part-time for him. He had accumulated several million dollar5s in reserves. He thought he was going to practice forever.

And then one day he just couldn’t get out of bed. It was over. He walked away from the practice. I don’t even think he sold it. He just walked away from it. The idea of going in the front door one more day was just too much, it just put him over the edge.

When I ran into him a few years later he was kind of dabbling around with the idea of going back into practice. He was following me around at seminars. I was at one seminar where every time there’d be a break, he’d be all over me, asking me questions like, “Is it really true? Can you actually have a practice like that?”

I’ve never seen anybody burn out doing the practice the way we are recommending it. I have seen guys burn out when they’re running a huge, high-volume, super-duper machine based on marketing, promotion, advertising, and a lot of physical work.

The truth is, the thing that burns them out more than anything is not the amount of work that they’re doing. It’s the fact that they’re not getting the results that they really set out to get in the first place. That’s the thing that wipes them out. You don’t get tired from working hard. You get tired from working hard with no product. You start accumulating failed purposes. It’s the failed purposes that will eventually wipe you out. So, using this system and these patient management procedures, you’ll see why we don’t wipe out.

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