William D. Truax Tax Advisors Recommend a Firm Plan for Estate And Trust Beneficiaries

Los Angeles, CA: William D. Truax E.A. Tax Advisors, Inc. are urging those enacting a plan for estate or trust inheritance to speak with a professional tax advisor to ensure all matters of estate and trust tax are accounted for, relieving beneficiaries of the tax burden.

William D. Truax and his associates have over 30 years of experience working in the field of tax preparation. Just one of the fields his firm specializes in is estate and trust tax preparation. Effective estate and gift planning ensures the orderly transfer of assets to a client’s beneficiaries. Security in these matters can then be gained and can reduce or even eliminate the tax due. This has a myriad of applications, such as the necessity of a will or trust and matters of inheritance, business succession and continuity of ownership, and any other transfer of taxable assets between parties.

William D. Truax, founder of the firm, commented on the matter: “Security of mind in tax matters is always essential, and the transfer of assets is no exception. Prompt and thorough preparation in these matters can completely handle any difficulties that might have occurred. We can guide you through the complex process of getting your financial affairs in order for your future and that of your heirs.”

Mr. Truax has been a tax practitioner and financial consultant in private practice for over thirty years. He is admitted to practice before the IRS and all state tax agencies and is also a member of the bar of the United States Tax Court. As a fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute, he is an Accredited Tax Advisor and a member of the National Association of Enrolled Agents. Mr. Truax was a founder and Director of Professional Business Bank in Pasadena, CA, and was chairman of the bank’s investment committee, responsible for control and oversight of over $100 million in bank assets. Mr. Truax has been active in numerous philanthropic endeavors and is currently a trustee or a board member of several active charitable organizations.

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