Julian Construction Taking Stance On Safety In Home Regarding Roof Maintenance

LOS ANGELS, CA: Julian Construction, a general construction company in Southern California with specialization in foundation repair as well as general construction, recently turned their eye on roof safety and the impact of this on safety in a home. They listed primary concerns of roof maintenance and what can be done about it in a home.

Julian De La Torre, founder of the company, stated ?Roofs are designed to protect a structure from the elements, especially water. They can be built using various types of materials such as slate, rubber slate, wood shake, asphalt and metal. Whatever materials are used, a roof will eventually wear out over time and need repair or replacing. Evidence of roof problems can include missing, loose, warped or buckled shingles and tiles, which leave the underlying roofing materials unprotected. Roof leaks are especially serious and should be immediately addressed to prevent dry rot and mold.?

Julian went on to enumerate several factors which could hasten the breaking down of roof safety and their indications. He also stated the method of addressing these safety concerns. The full text can be found at http://julianconstruction.typepad.com/julian-construction-blog/2012/05/is-your-roof-in-good-shape.html

Julian De La Torre continued ?The procedure for fixing a roof is very easy if you are trained in it. What is hard is living with a problem that threatens the safety of your home. If we can get people to realize the importance of this and make their homes a safer place then we?ve done our job.?

Julian Construction owns its own company and is built on a ?no middlemen? model ? no salesmen, no subcontractors. When you work with Julian Construction you get the principals of the company and workers of Julian Construction under your home. The result is the highest quality work at affordable prices. They can be contacted by phone at 323 733-3377, by fax at 323 733-4477 or via their website, http://www.julianconstruction.com. You can see tips and advice about home foundations on their blog, at http://julianconstruction.typepad.com.

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