Ultra Handy Man Gets Rid of Dry and Cracked Skin for Men

(Clearwater, FL) – Sales R Us (http://www.ultrabalm.com) has announced the launch of Ultra Handy Man, a new Premium Blend Aloe cream exclusively for men. Ultra Handy Man gets rid of dry and cracked skin by removing dead skin cells and increasing the rate of new skin cell production. The unscented, deep penetrating formula is greaseless, long-lasting and won’t wash off.

“Ultra Handy Man is our first skin care product just for men and a great holiday stocking stuffer,” says Sales R Us founder Vicki Gailzaid. “It quickly repairs and softens any area of damaged or rough skin, including the hands and feet.”

Dry and cracked skin is often caused by soap with a high PH, which removes the skin’s protective covering. Without the covering, the skin dries out, starts to crack and begins itching. Continued exposure to the sun, wind and cold, as well as the use of household or industrial chemicals, can also result in damaged skin.

Ultra Handy Man, like the company’s popular Ultra Balm product, contains Vitamin A, which acts as an anti-oxidant and slows the aging process; Vitamin D, which facilitates the growth of new cells and enhances the immune system, and Vitamin E to prevent cell damage, repair and heal tissue, and reduce scarring.

Other key Ultra Handy Man product ingredients include aloe vera, a plant known for its unique healing properties and lanolin, a heavy duty skin softener. Aloe vera is an antibacterial and antifungal that has been successfully used to treat wounds such as burns, and as a topical agent for skin conditions such as psoriasis. Lanolin naturally protects the skin against environmental elements, and helps prevent dryness, cracking, scaling and itching. Lanolin is used to soften leather so you can imagine how well it works on men’s dry, cracked hands and feet.

A 3 oz. tube of Ultra Handy Man sells for only $15.00, and can be purchased online at http://www.ultrabalm.com. “Ultra Balm has always been enormously popular with women,” says Vicki Gailzaid. “Now the men in their lives can have healthier and softer skin as well.”

To find out more about Ultra Handy Man, visit the Sales R Us website at http://www.ultrabalm.com or call Sales R Us, Inc. toll-free, at 866-511-5007.

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