Building Cleaning Services?a Five-Star Company for Removing Black and Other Mold Remediation

LOS ANGELES, CA: Building Cleaning Services, (, a Los Angeles mold removal and construction cleaning business, has refined and implemented a streamlined mold removal process that effectively removes mold without leaving behind harmful chemicals, the company announced this week. Their mold remediation team has almost 15 years of experience in this specialized field.

Garrison Clarke, BCS Operations Manager, oversees the Building Cleaning Services (BCS) mold removal team. According to Mr. Clarke, BCS never uses harmful chemicals or biocide, which is unhealthy for the client. Their process includes identifying the affected areas of contamination and fully removing the mold to prevent further human exposure to it.

The standard procedure is to get containment constructed, with cabinets and other such appliances sealed off so that contamination does not spread to other areas of the home or building. A special air filtration system is set up to allow for an air flow for the containment to work effectively. Where necessary, they use abrasive air blasting under negative air pressure, then the area is fully cleaned with high powered vacuums. Finally, an independent air quality mold testing company inspects the area to conduct air testing to confirm the mold has been removed.

BCS services the Greater Los Angeles area, is regularly reviewed on Yelp ( as a five-star professional and helpful company. It works with residential landlords and owners to assist them to quickly address toxic mold.

Garrison Clarke stated: ?Throughout the process our first concern is to prevent anyone in the structure, including residents or employees and the mold remedial team from being exposed to the mold. You can?t just bomb the area with chemicals and not expect repercussions. That?s just adding one chemical to an already toxic situation. That?s why BCS only used non-toxic remediation.

The company spends time to really explain to potential clients what the remediation process entails, taking the worry out of the situation and ensures that they understand they need to get the source of the water intrusion that has caused the mold also gets corrected so that it doesn?t reoccur.

BCS also provides water damage handling and construction cleaning. Established in 1997, they have more than a decade of experience as a company with fast service, high professionalism and work ethic. BCS is certified by the Institute of Inspection and Cleaning and Restoration and Environmental Testing & Technology. To learn more, visit, or call 818-953-7100 or e-mail

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