Communication is an Essential Ingredient in Responsible Health Decisions, Say Stem Cell Info Website Founders

Los Angeles ? HeartCell (, a free informational resource guide for cardiac cell therapy, was established to help patients understand the benefits of stem cells and to assist patients to find the right clinic for cardiac stem cells treatment when needed. has pages of facts on stem cells research and therapy, including a full glossary of technical words explained in layman’s terms, and a brief history of stem cells. By learning the terminology and asking any questions through the contact page, patients are able to attain a good understanding of the treatment they are interested in and are then referred to a suitable and trusted clinic that can deliver the procedure they need.

One of the co-founders of is a stem cell treatment success herself. Her kidneys failed unexpectedly in 2009, and after receiving kidney dialysis three times a week for months and hearing doctors’ recommendations for steroids or a kidney transplant, she began to look for alternative solutions. Hearing about stem cell therapy spurred her personal research and inquiries on the subject, which ultimately culminated in her visit to a stem cell clinic and the restored functioning of her kidneys.

It is from this story that the founders of came to produce this complimentary stem cell referral service. In the founders’ words, ?Our purpose is to help others that are searching for a well-respected, professional and legitimate stem cell organization that they can connect with in the hopes of improving their own quality of life. Hope lives!?

To contact for recommendations of clinics or for suggestions for your further research, email To read more about cardiac cell therapy, visit To see the glossary of terms (stem cell definition and related words), visit does not give out medical advice and none of the information contained in it should be construed to be such. makes no claims that stem cell treatment, nor any medical treatment, is a cure for any illness, disease or malady. is strictly informational in nature and exists to help others research and better understand the possible benefits that can be derived from the safe, proper and effective use of stem cells.

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