Developmental Editor Discusses the Climax of a Novel and the Ways to Do It Right

DALLAS, TX: Susan Mary Malone, ( developmental editor and award winning book author, recently released an article detailing how to properly write the ending of a book, or the climax. Ms. Malone has assisted over 40 authors to get published through traditional publishers, in addition to having had six of her own works published.

The article discusses the purpose of the ending of a story and goes over several points on how an author can do it right or wrong, with illustrative examples and analysis. She says: ?It doesn?t matter in what genre you?re writing, whether Fantasy or Horror, Romance or Literary, Mainstream or Christian. This is the crux of your novel, where everything comes together, although not in a tied-up sort of way?that?s for the next section, denouement and resolution. But where all of the action and discovery, all of the angst and trials and tribulations and self-realization and, well, everything, merges into one big giant fat boom. That doesn?t necessarily mean the boom is actually a bomb going off, though such may happen. It can be running the final race, attacking the enemy, surging over the falls in a hand-made boat, staring that bottle of bourbon smack in the eye and pouring it out. It?s the culmination of everything you?ve led your reader up to for seventy-plus-thousand words. It?s the raison d?etre for why said reader has followed your folks all this time.?

The full text can be read online on her website:

Ms. Malone stated: ?I truly enjoy imparting the tricks of the trade I?ve gleaned in my writing career. Seeing new authors succeed in the field and get into publication is a very special thing, but they don?t all know the specifics of the field they?re launching into. It?s more than just knowing the format of how to send a manuscript to a novel editor or having an ?in? in the industry. The first thing an author has to know and know well is how basically to write a story! I sincerely hope many authors find the article useful in constructing the ending of their book.?

Susan Mary Malone has worked as a freelance editor since 1993, with a BS in Political Science and minors in English and Journalism. Her client list includes NY Times Bestsellers, Essence Bestsellers and books featured in Publishers Weekly. She is also an award-winning author of fiction and non-fiction herself. She participates as a speaker in literary conferences such as the Harriett Austin Writer’s Conference (at the University of Georgia), the Blue Ridge Writer’s Conference, the SouthWest Writer’s Conference, and the East Texas Writer?s Guild, among others. Her full biography and featured list of published authors can be viewed at

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