Researchers Continue to Find Evidence on the Damage to Structures Caused by Molds

LOS ANGELES, CA: Building Cleaning Services, ( a Los Angeles mold remediation and building cleaning company, is investigating concerns about the effect of mold on building structures. Structural damage is a clear consequence of unchecked mold growth, according to several independent research studies on the subject.

In report published by the Dartmouth College Library, ?Mold can eat organic materials such as paper, dust, adhesives, leather, cloth, starches. Mold can stain paper, cloth, leather. The conditions that sustain mold growth hasten chemical deterioration in books/paper (high heat and high humidity). Some varieties of mold are toxic to humans (Aspergillus fumigatus).?

The California Department of Health Services also advised: ?When airborne mold spores are present in large numbers, they can cause allergic reactions, asthma episodes, infections, and other respiratory problems for people. Exposure to high spore levels can cause the development of an allergy to the mold. Mold can also cause structural damage to your home. Similarly, when wood goes through a period of wetting, then drying, it can eventually warp and cause walls to crack or become structurally weak.?

Building Cleaning Services recommends that if the signs of mold are present in a building, occupants should take immediate action to effectively get rid of the problem. Allowing the condition to continue invites serious structural problems, in addition to the health risks to occupants.

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