Published on Jun 4, 2014

CLEAN-FRAC 1000, OriginOil’s new demonstration-scale frack water treatment system, was shown to successfully remove contaminants and impurities at a showcase for media, public officials and prospective customers. The Showcase took place at the headquarters of OriginOil licensee, Industrial Systems Inc. (ISI) on Colorado’s Western Slope.

OriginOil, Inc (OOIL) ( is a breakthrough water cleanup technology for oil & gas, algae and other water-intensive industries.

0:14 Riggs Eckelberry, CEO, OriginOil ? ?Today is the world premiere of our first 1,000 barrel per day demonstration scale system.?

OriginOil Showcases Frack Water Cleanup in Colorado.

?We?re here in Delta Colorado which is where Industrial Systems Inc (ISI) is located. They were among the first few people to step up to our technology and want to adopt it.?

0:38 Bob Isom, CEO, Industrial Systems Inc (Showcase Host) ? ?We investigated and this is by far the cleanest, the easiest water filtration systems out there.?

0:43 Bill Charneski ? General Manager, OriginOil Petro Div. ? ?Today we showed the public and the trade–a lot of customers, what clean frack was all about. Clean frac meaning a combination of our electro water separation systems to take frak or produce water from its well head source all the way to a beneficial use.?

1:01 Riggs Eckelberry ? ?Colorado is the Headwaters state and I think we have something like four rivers coming through here and winding up in the Colorado River. And Colorado is starting to really, really get serious about water quality.?

1:13 Ed Sisson, Mayor, Delta, Colorado ? ?Water is essential and it?s not an inexhaustible commodity that we have. We have to take care of it.?

1:18 Jim Pokrandt, Colorado River Water Conservation District – ?So it?s very interesting to see that a technology is emerging to deal with water quality and it can be treated and reused or even perhaps re-introduced back into the environment in a good way.?

1:30 Douglas Atchley, Commissioner, Delta County, Colorado – ?We?re excited about this new water treatment technology. We?re looking forward to a growth industry that has the potential to affect the entire world.?

Demonstration of Clean-Frac 1000, Electro Water Separation (EWS) ? High-speed Water Recovery for Oil and Gas

1:41 Riggs Eckelberry ? ?So what you?ll see here is the mess from hydraulic fracturing has been floated to the surface. This is the gunk and underneath this it?s pretty clear.?

2:08 Tim Key, Metal Fabricator, Industrial Systems Inc – ?You wouldn?t believe the drastic difference. It?s from some of the most toxic, sludge-looking stuff that you?ve ever seen to almost drink quality water.?

2:20 Mike Fortner, Environmental Driller, Grand Junction, Colorado – ?Actually we?ll help the community, where they?re not going to be so intolerant to water being put back down into the creeks or whatever, because it?s going to be clean.?

2:29 David Ramjohn, CEO, Synergy Resources Ltd, Trinidad – ?Since we are involved in sustainable development, if we can look at this technology as a source of dealing with the issues associated with fracking, oil and gas in a more responsible fashion, I think we are in a win-win situation.?

2:42 Riggs Eckelberry ? ?Another thing that came up, the hydrofracking companies and oil producers themselves are bringing up water way, way underground, and that water, if it?s clean, is a found source of water. And that?s actually a way that the oil industry can help these economies which are right now literally drying up.?

2:59 Tim Key – ?When I think about what we?re doing here in western Colorado now and the use of water and much of the controversy surrounding the use of water, if we can clean it up?you know what, I have to live here also.?

OriginOil, Inc
High-Speed Frack Water Cleanup


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