Published on Oct 18, 2014


OriginOil CEO, Riggs Eckelberry, announces the completion of the company’s second generation fracking water cleaning system, which can process up to 3,000 barrels per day. He is joined by his brother and Co-Founder Nicholas Eckelberry who reports on the company’s successful trip to the Algal Biomass Organization’s 2014 Summit in San Diego, where interest in the new OriginOil Algae Harvester was extremely high.

0:47 Riggs Eckelberry: We?ve got as I announced this morning on our newsletter, and everyone watching this show should subscribe to the OriginOil newsletter, 12,000 strong, and we announced that our new second generation algae harvester and cleanup machine is now operational, and meanwhile, the existing machine in Texas is cleaning up frack water.

Big Biz: You had an interesting headline for your newsletter this time, and you talk about the gauntlet was thrown down a while ago. Tell us that story.

1:28 Riggs: What happened was, this is a public company, so I?ve been educating our people here that we live by quarters and last Tuesday was the third day of the third quarter. And I promised to the board, perhaps foolishly, that we?d have this machine ready. Well, Andrew and his team ended up working round the clock. We had all 15 electronics contractors working over at the off site. And they got it done. It?s operational and we?re very proud.

Big Biz: Nicholas Eckelberry, of course Chief Invention Officer there at OriginOil, and again their stock symbol is Ooil and there website,, can you give us any insight on what the latest is over there at OriginOil?

2:33 Nicholas Eckelberry: Well yes, we?ve been innovating a lot in a couple of areas. One is the oil and gas. But that?s pretty much fin ta comple, all the innovations that have gone into the Gen 2. And so I?ve been messing around with algae and just did the algae conference in San Diego. It was a fascinating show because, you know, algae was basically going for fuels and then the price of fuel stayed steady, so I don?t think it?s going to be any time soon that algae fuels will work given the price of oil being stable as it is. The move, however, is a move that I really, really look forward to which is a move to algae to food. What it is, is algae to feed the animals that you have to feed.

Big Biz: And what we?re seeing here is some footage from the algae conference that you folks were at here in San Diego. And, of course, the OriginOil algae harvester booth. This is an interesting vertical, Nicholas and Riggs. Because oil and gas are, of course, a bread and butter industry because it?s not going anywhere, but at the Algae Biomass Summit, you talk about some pretty interesting stuff. What are the chances that this will equal your oil and gas efforts in the years and months to come.

4:16 Nicholas: I don?t think it will equal it. Oil and gas is the true business of OriginOil. There?s a tremendous movement right now and I think the movement?s going to grow as the price of feed goes up, to feeding animals with a natural, renewable resource that?s not human consumption. In other words, we?re not using corn or soy anymore. And you know what, there?s really an interesting thing. When you start feeding algae to beef, it actually marbles the beef with Omega-3. You?re turning a beef into a salmon. It?s actually true. You can increase the Omega-3 content in other animals. And the animals love the stuff. They get very healthy, produce 20% less methane, It?s such a good solution for the planet.

Thank you guys. Riggs Eckelberry, Nicholas Eckelberry, CEO and Chief Invention Officer.


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