BARTONSVILLE, PA: Dr. Gary Burkhart, the founder of Gary Burkhart Dentistry in the Bartonsville, PA area, (, announces the availability of same day crowns which can be completed in one visit (about an hour), without requiring any follow-up visits or needed adjustments.

It sometimes occurs that a tooth becomes badly decayed or damaged, resulting in the need for a crown or cap to be installed. The purpose of the crown is to bring the tooth back to its original appearance and restore functionality. A crown starts at the gum line and covers the whole tooth and it is custom made for each patient.

Dr. Burkhart states ?Because of new innovations that have occurred, a custom crown can be produced in one visit. It used to be that a patient had to make several trips to the dentist for a dental crown. It would involve getting a temporary crown and going through some uncomfortable procedures, while waiting a few weeks for the permanent crown to be made. Dental impressions or temporary crowns are no longer needed. The permanent crown is ready immediately. As before, the tooth is prepared for the crown by numbing the area and removing any decay. Then the tooth is shaped to fit inside the new crown. With new technology, the tooth has a reflective powder dusted over it, rather than the past procedure of using messy impression material. The reflective powder allows us to get pictures of the tooth using a special camera that reflects light from the powder, creating a 3D image of the prepared tooth that is then computerized and used in making the design for the new crown.?

?Any adjustments that need to be made to the crown are done before sending it to a special 3D carving ?printer? for milling. This machine carves your cap from a ceramic block that has been made a shade as close as possible to your natural tooth color. The procedure only takes five minutes any additional adjustments in color are made to the cap. It is then installed and bonded to the old tooth. It is possible to do the entire process while you wait, usually taking only an hour or less,? concluded Dr. Burkhart.

Dr. Gary Burkhart graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia in 1983 and from Temple University Dental School in 1988. He began practicing dentistry in 1988, and opened his own dental practice in Tannersville, PA in 1989, and moved his practice to its current location in Bartonsville, PA in April 2000. Dr. Burkhart can be reached via his websites at, or, or, or by calling 570-620-0440.

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