APPLE VALLEY, MN ? Brite Smiles Dental Care (, in Apple Valley, honors Dr. Carl E. Misch for the advances he had made in the field of modern implantology.

Dr. Carl E. Misch was an American prosthodontist who was recognized internationally for his contributions in the field of implant dentistry. (A prosthodontist is a dentist who specializes in the aesthetic restoration and replacement of teeth.) When Dr. Carl E. Misch was a dental student at University of Detroit Dental School, he addressed an International Congress of Oral Implantologists meeting in Germany. This led to him starting his own private practice, specializing in implants. Dr. Misch left behind the Misch International Institute which has trained over 5,000 dentists, and the doctors of Brite Smiles Dental Care had the opportunity to do a full course of studies with Dr. Misch.

Dr. Dennis Simmons, owner of Brite Smiles Dental Care stated, ?Dr. Misch turned the use of dental implants into a science. He was the top world leader and innovator of implantology. He is responsible for taking implantology to a predictable status and the technique of placing implants that is practiced everyday in the world. He was my friend and mentor; I started studying with him in 1988 and we traveled the world ? both of us lecturing at International Symposiums. He assisted me in getting my diplomate status from the International Congress of Oral Implantologists in June of 1991. I will truly miss him.?

Dr. Dennis Simmons graduated from the University Of Minnesota School of Dentistry in 1976, receiving the Class Honor in prosthetics ? dentures partial and full. Since then, he has participated in over 3,000 hours of continuing education courses, focusing primarily on cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, dental implants and implant-supported restorations, orthodontics, extractions, crown/bridge, root canals, bite and TMJ disorders and sleep apnea. For his studies, he has been honored with the status of ?Diplomate? from the International Congress of Oral Implantology and the International Osseous (bone) Integration Society. For more information on dental services from Brite Smiles Dental Care, visit, or call 952-891-8484.

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