BARTONSVILLE, PA: Dr. Gary Burkhart, the founder of Gary Burkhart Dentistry in the Bartonsville, PA area, (, is offering Cosmetic Dentistry including: teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and cosmetic bonding and shaping.

The term ?cosmetic dentistry? usually refers to any dental procedures that improve the person?s appearance but not necessarily the function of a person?s teeth. The main focus of cosmetic dentistry is on improving the aesthetics and appearance of the teeth, by changing the shape, color, alignment, size, and overall appearance of the person?s teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry can include:

? Adding material to teeth, such as bonding, veneers, or crowns
? Removing material such as enamel either in preparation for fitting veneers or crowns, or as a final step in changing the shape of the teeth
? Procedures such as teeth whitening
? Straightening of the teeth (braces)

Dr. Burkhart stated ?For cracks or unevenness in tooth enamel; cosmetic bonding and shaping can be very effective in paving over the cracks and evening out the surface of your teeth. If teeth are chipped, they are too short, or are permanently stained, you can get veneers. A porcelain veneer is a very thin, tooth-shaped piece of ceramic, used to conceal a damaged tooth. For crooked teeth, braces can straighten them out. Strong, healthy teeth are an important part of physical and psychological health. When your natural teeth are showing signs of visible wear and tear, get them repaired and once again you can eat, talk, and smile with confidence. There are many options for improving your smile. Contact a dentist in your area to figure out which procedures will help you get the results you?re looking for.?

Dr. Gary Burkhart graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia in 1983 and from Temple University Dental School in 1988. He began practicing dentistry in 1988, and opened his own dental practice in Tannersville, PA in 1989, and moved his practice to its current location in Bartonsville, PA in April 2000. Dr. Burkhart can be reached via his websites at, or, or, or by calling 570-620-0440.

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