By Nancy Penrose

Spring is here which means now is a great time to add a tree to your yard!

There are times of the year that are safer to plant a new tree than others. Planting a tree in extremely cold weather can cause root damage. It greatly reduces the chances of the tree surviving when it’s planted in extreme cold weather and can cause problems down the road. Fortunately, in the Puget Sound area, it rarely gets cold enough to prevent us from planting safely.

Similarly planting a tree in summer can be stressful for a tree. However, if planted properly and irrigated consistently, summer tree planting can be successful as well.

Ideally fall and spring are the best times to plant a tree, which is why now is a perfect time to plant a tree in your yard!

Here are a few things to keep in mind when planting trees in springtime:

Trees experience stress no matter what time of year they are planted. It is important to thoroughly research out how to plant that tree, or to enlist the help of a professional tree transplanting company.

A new tree requires consistent irrigation. It’s not as much water as one might think, but needs to be distributed on a regular basis. Typically a ring or two of soaker hose or driplines set to water approximately 15 minutes each day will do it. Or, one gallon of water per one inch of trunk caliper. Ie, a 5” caliper tree needs approximately 5 gallons of water per day. Trees should not be watered during the dormant seasons, or while there is still a threat of freeze. In the Puget Sound area, late October – March.

Follow the guidance of your local tree transplant experts to ensure you are getting the right tree for the area you want to plant it in. This way you can be assured that the tree will be able to survive transplanting and grow to be a beautiful addition to your landscape.

Nancy Penrose is the owner of Big Trees Inc., located in Snohomish, WA in the Seattle area. The company is one of the largest tree nurseries in the Seattle area with over 120,000 trees available in over 300 varieties. They not only deliver young trees, but also mature trees in a wide range of sizes. Some types of trees available include spring flowering, deciduous, evergreen, and privacy trees. The company also does tree transplanting including large trees. Their blog can be seen at or http://arboristblog.c

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